• Skeleton leaf - an array of defect and knot free pine.
    Filling leaf - inlaid solid pine.
    Finish - MDF 6mm, lined with natural veneer of valuable wood.
    The frame and glazing bead made of beech.
    Finish - two-component polyurethane varnish.


Available doors in standard sizes:
1900 x 550 mm; 1900 x 600 mm; 2000 x 600 mm; 2000 x 700 mm; 2000 x 800 mm; 2000 × 900mm 2000 × 1200mm; 2000 x 400mm.
Manufacturing of non-standard door sizes (maximum size of 2400mm x 1000mm)


Apricot Acacia Anegry Bleached oak
Brazilian rosewood Wenge Light Oak Zebrano
Gold patina Mahogany Nut Palisander
Pangar Patina Grey oak Tangential apricot
Tangential nut Black enamel with a gold patina Black ebony Ebony