When I feel cold I open my hands to the fire ...

Why STOLLER produces wooden windows ?

I like real people - people with principles, with their own opinion, alive and cheerful. The same is  wood material - natural, real and warm which you want to touch ...

I remember when we were in Tanzania, our team of 11 climbers on Kilimanjaro was brought to Baobab. We hardly hugged it’s stock, holding each other hands - everyone was standing face to the stock and breathing the energy of ancient tree before climbing at 5895 meters...

Production of wooden window needs the whole chain of MASTERS at many stages of cutting, drying, gluing, etc. This is a complex and difficult process that requires constant control at each stage, the introduction of new technologies along with the old traditions – it’s an interesting business. Exploring the product, we discover new qualities of wood, we invent new forms of windows, organize spaces and wonder what gave us NATURE!

Wooden window is not a cheap product, but desirable!

We like to deal with companies that value comfort, rage and pageantry - and we guarantee the quality of our product.

We enjoy interesting work with WOOD that loves us and our customers!

President of STOLLER group Sergei Mazin.

 Sergei Mazin