The philosophy of «STOLLER».

The world "STOLLER" - is a true love story of man to his profession.

It is based on six key principles, that "feeding" us like the roots of a tree:

1. Beauty and reliability

2. Skills and innovation

3. Safety and naturality

4. Fantasy and prestige

5. Personal quality

6. Partnership

Since the founding of our company at March 20, 2010, we brought these principles into OUR RESPONSBIILITY - indispensable attributes of the brand "STOLLER".

They became the basis for long-term relationship between the brand and its customers.

Beauty and reliability.

Life is the harmony of form and it’s content.

But it’s not so easy to create a beautiful and at the same time RELIABLE wooden window!

Wood is a unique natural material that requires special treatment - attention, respect and accurate satisfaction of  thewhole technology!

We are able to combine these qualities, because we create our windows with LOVE, handing over the HEAT OF SOUL , that makes it special!


Skills and innovation.

 Up-to-date technologies allow us a lot – today together people and machines can work miracles!

The secret is to understand clearly when to rely on technology, and when you can trust only the hard work of craftsmen.

We have the best combination of European schools traditions and high technologies.


Safety and naturality.

Wood is one of the most beautiful bounties of nature and the most familiar to people natural material used in construction for thousands of years.

Like us, it breathes and warms!

That’s why we choose our materials, we consider every point and detail - our windows are TRUE!


Fantasy and prestige.

HOME has a special place in the heart of every man, and the windows are its integral part.

To create a true comfort at home you need fantasy and as we know the only creature in this world that is able to fantasize is a MAN!

Wood is very obedientmaterial .

It allows us to create a window on the original project with any shape, size and color, giving your home a special individuality and chic!

At all stages of our work - from the presentation of window to installation of it, our aim is to take into account every point and every detail!

Providing personal 5 years warrantyon all our windows , we guarantee justice and respect for our customers, partners , and employees in any region.



The main things for us are RESPECT and TRUST!

We made for you the world-class quality product, which will serve you for many years, perhaps only due harmony of all our actions. We aspire to such cooperation when partners have common interests and focus on long-term partnership.