Company’s history

The «STOLLER» brand was appeared in January 11, 2012. As a result of alliance of two companies that have huge experience in the production of wooden windows - Austrian «Estfeller» (more than 30 years in the European market) and Russia - "Pribrezhnoe" (more than 10 years on the market) was formed a new joint manufacture - «Stollergroup».

1. "Pribrezhnoe".

The company "Pribrezhnoe" was founded at March 20, 2000. On this day the production and shipment of wooden packaging for petrochemical companies in Europe has begun. Over the next two years the company managed not only to open up all the details of wood processing and "grow" their own masters of joinery – it began to show an interest in expanding its product range and production of more complex types of products . Therefore, in April 2002 the first wooden window "Pribrezhnoe" was produced!

The company executive- employer, PhD of Economics, Sergey Mazin, constantly developing and using the advanced experience of management , has managed to unify the team of associates and to bring his company to a new level by introducing innovations in the production and staged liability system of quality control. These principles allowed his company successful development  from 2002 to 2010 and approve itself as a reliable qualified technology group that is capable of producing European standard wooden windows.

Today our windows adorn many prestigious office buildings, restaurants, country clubs and resorts , as well as private homes in many regions of Russia - Volgograd, Krasnodar , Moscow, Sochi , Belgorod, Voronezh , Lipetsk, Gelendzhik.


2. "Pribrezhnoe” - «HOUSER».

March 5, 2008 a new stage in the company's history "Pribrezhnoe " was started with the contract for supplying equipment and manufacturing process with  German family company «HOUSER», founded in 1959 and which at that time had more than half a century of experience in the production of wooden windows .

For the Sergey Mazin’s team it was the next "breakthrough" - a new level of productive capacity , as «HOUSER» hanged over not only the equipment but also developed over half a century  family know-how and unique high performance technologies that allow to supply goods to large developers . Installation of equipment and training of personnel in Russia took place under the control of Uwe Bonn, German technologist, which is dealing with the organization of joiner area technology and automation manufacture processes in Europe for 23 years.

With a view to further development of the production loop system , on the recommendation of the European partners two important and responsible acquirements were made:

-The joiner production site was installed by modern line of German company «HEMAG», which allowes to produce a new profile IV 78 generation;

- Absolutely unique to the Russian producers, fully automatic painting line «BOLLHOFF» due to overall spread of paint on a wooden surface increases the lifetime of the window by 2 times.

It gave positive results - the volume of production increased by 5 times. At the moment the company produces 20,000 square meters of windows per year. Today every 6 minutes 1 wooden window is produced at the manufacture!


3. «Estfeller» - «STOLLER».

In 2011, the company continues its "promotion" in Europe. It establishes joint contacts with well-known Austrian company «Estfeller»- European dormer window market leader. «Estfeller» is also a family production, which is existed since 1957 and includes three manufactories located in the independent republic of Tyrol in Italy. It specializes in the production of three types of products: attic stairs, noiseproof sliding walls and dormer windows.

January 11, 2012 as a result of joint negotiations between the two companies - Austrian «Estfeller» and Russian - "Pribrezhnoe " , a new company «Stollergroup» was appeared, acting on the market under the brand name - «STOLLER». Nowadays it has the opportunity to represent its products not only in Russian, but in European markets.

By this time, wooden windows «STOLLER» has already earned a great reputation at the Russian market of "premium" goods - among the successful architects and major construction contractors, evaluated current level of «Stollergroup» production and high quality products made in compliance with all European standards.


So what’s our secret?

«STOLLER» production has several special features that allow it to stand out and compete successfully with other well-known European brands , manufacturers of wooden windows :

  1. High performance of product line has achieved large volumes required for a major development that gives opportunity to maintain guaranteed terms of delivery.
  2. Automation of the main production processes ensures high quality processing of products with a minimum quantity of production staff , that allows us to offer an affordable price for  "premium" class products.
  3. Durability of paint coat, based on 100% automated painting process , makes  the application of paint on the whole surface of the window the same -300 microns. As a result, every centimeter of the window’s surface is equally protected from poor weather conditions ,that can’t be achieved by handicraft. This unique feature of «STOLLER» windows  allows us to give customers a guarantee for cover - up to 7 years!
  4. We have focused specialization - we only deal with the production of wooden windows! This allows us to upgrade our technology and to implement something new all the time, successfully competing with international manufacturers.
  5. Five-step quality audit system (system for European standard) , provides personal responsibility of each production expert for the finished product .

Nowadays «Stollergroup» continues to follow its principles and gives attentionto development and introduction of new technologies and improvement of their staff skills. And to this end, we regularly send our staff on training in Europe at the enterprises of our European partners. At the moment most closely we are working in this direction with the companies «Remmers» ( Germany ), «Teknos» ( Finland), «Adler» ( Austria ), GU ( Germany) .