Сервис «STOLLER»




The delivery is made by our motor transport to the place you need at the time suitable for you.  

Cargo weight Cost of delivery since 01/09/13
Up to 4 sq m ( 1 – 2 windows)  3500 RUB
4-10 sq m 5500 RUB
10-25 sq m 500 RUB per 1 sq m
25-50 sq m 400 RUB per 1 sq m
more 50 sq m 300 RUB per 1 sq m

Measurements and installation.

If you are unable to make your own measurements and installation –

we can organize this for you with a help of our partners.

See the Partners list in "Where to buy”.».



All questions concerning manufacture and detailing of window designs, you can ask your personal manager.

Sergei Kabanov – Chief Executive Officer of Engineering Department

cell.т: 8-919-795-71-87 Mail:



We use the best paints for the most bold color decisions, which accent the wood texture and allows you to experiment with shades of your choice - for example, two-colored!

If you need to install the window the same color as your flooring or furniture - we are ready to help you! With the help of specialists in paint coatings from Germany, Austria and Finland, we will select the exact color for your window!



  1. Professional support services.

To ensure GOOD CONDITION for your windows for a long period it is recommended to carry out protective service (at least once every 6 months) by manufacture specialist or its certified partners.

Preventive activities include:

- Inspection of the wooden parts and paint coatings for intergity (in the case of damage it’s necessary to restore the paint in order to prevent further destruction of the coating and the wooden base);

- Inspection of double glass for integrity and lack of moisture inside the chambers. In case of any defect it’s necessary to call immediately the specialist that will replace double glass to prevent ingress of moisture on the inner surface of the wood products;

- Inspection of the compactors (in the case of damage it’s necessary to call the specialist to replace the compactor);

- Deep cleaning of the profiled part of sill (below the wing) from sand, mud, and others (cleaning by soft, dry cloth or a brush with soft bristles);

- Visual and / or touch inspection of rabbet ledge density (in the case of loose rabbet ledge it’s necessary to call the specialist to adjust the fittings);

- Inspection of the smoothness of opening the valves in all possible planes (in case of difficulties in opening, strange sounds, looseness of handles and etc. it’s necessary to call the specialist to eliminate defects to prevent the destruction of locking fittings);

- Lubrication of fitting moving parts by non-absorbent moisture technical Vaseline;

- Wood surfaces cleaning with special emulsion.

You can submit an order for the service and get PERSONAL WARRANTY on STOLLER windows up to 7 years!