Wooden european standard windows

1. Stollerwooden windowsare the most appropriate for Russian conditions. They aremade of GERMAN STANDARDshape IV 78 (casement and frame thickness - 78 mm.) Thehallmark of this profile is availability of drainage channel and rounded corners, which prevent moisture collectionand thus extends the life of your window. High-quality, three-layered mastic andeco-friendly radial cut "Eurobeam" provides strength, dimensional stability, security and durability of wooden windows. .

2. Our production line of the company «HEMAG» (Germany) allows us to produce ALL POSSIBLE forms of window designs:
- The wooden rectangular windows
- The wooden triangular windows
- - The wooden trapezoidal windows
- The wooden arched windows
- The wooden round windows


2. Unique peculiarity of STOLLER WINDOWS is a uniform thickness of 300 micron on the whole surface of painted layer. The layer is based on pure acrylic PREMIUM-CLASS paints, manufactured by the largest manufacturer, German company «REMMERS». INDULINE system enlarges windows operation in 2 times and it gives us to provide a nominal warranty for painted covering up to 7 years!


3. MODERN ENERGY-SAVINGone - chamber and triple-pane glass.

Stoller wooden window sare provided with modern energy-saving chamber and triple-pane glass (24 or 42 mm ) made of high quality polished glass and 2 double circuit SOFT compactors «SCHLEGEL» Q-lon (Germany) which provide reliable noise , sound and thermal insulation of your house. Made of composite materials , Q-loncompactors have functional advantages - they are frost-proof, durable, resistant to heavy showers and strong winds , frictions, do not fade in the sun. Compactors «SCHLEGEL» Q-lon over 20 years recommended themselves as a high- tech products and have been installed in more than 100 million windows and doors all over the world.



4. A SPECIAL fitting for Stoller wooden windows from famous Austrian manufacturer «MACO» has a large range of adjustments and work blameless under high loads on the window sash.
Fitting «MACO» advantages:
- - 10 years - minimum working life of fitting
- 20.000 cycles (opening, tilting and closing)
- 100% protection from corrosion (more than 500 hours in saline)
- 3 unique protective layer covering the surface of the fittings
- Wide range of window handles


Aluminum window handles are made of high and corrosion resistant alloys. Product’s coating is carried out by eloxation or powder coating . During covering by eloxation, from exposure to electric current in sulfuric acid, artificial oxidation process occurs (combination of matter material and oxygen) and thus creates a special protective layer of oxidation . It protects the surface of the product from external influences, such as humidity , light physical impact , etc. Moreover , the damage of handle by mechanical objects such as a key is non-corrosive .


5. Selection of wood for windows production:


Pine windows:
  - Light construction makes less pressure on fittings;
  - Middle density is the best air change with closed window;
  - Easy-to-cut material at the affordable price.





Larch windows:

  - Waterproof - resistant to wet rot;
  - High density - resistant to frost and fire activity;
  - Natural preservative - creates an indoor climate, does not contain allergens;
  - Durable - long lifetime.





Oak windows:

  •   - Noble texture, good combination with furniture, doors, parquet;
  •   - Thick and solid material – the excellent wear-resistance and durability, lifetime of windows – about 80-100 years!!! Impact force resistance.





If you prefer, we can produce window from other valuable wood species, such as , , :
- eucalyptus
- meranti
- merbau


Modern lacquers and paints reliably protects wooden windows from the environment, at the same time providing air exchange between inside and outside when the window is closed. Multilayered coloration is performed on fully automatic line «BOLLHOFF» (Germany), environmentally friendly materials based on acrylic dyes without organic solvents producers according to the system INDULINE on the concern «REMMERS» (Germany) - the largest producer of paints and lacquers. We use the best paints for the most bold color decisions, which accent the wood texture and allows you to experiment with shades of your choice - for example, two-colored!

7. The price of wooden windows. We appreciate the classic traditions of wooden windows production, and introduce the most modern technologies. STOLLER wooden windows are high functional performed, innovated and has a beautiful look! The production processes automation makes STOLLER window technologies more affordable to everyone - from 6900 rubles per square meter!!