Window portals.

STOLLER window portals.
Modern architecture requires the development of window industry. For those who want to use doorways for free movement – fold-out doors is the best solution.


Window portals provide a panoramic view through the wide structural elements. It has easy to use large windows and doors, consisting of several folds. Window portals have sliding and folding design.


Door valves are easily pushed aside, providing a wide passage.

LARGE AREA of open space allows you to enjoy a wonderful panorama allyear round!


Types of window portals: 
- PSK-PORTAL (tilt-sliding) – is the best for balcony glazing;


- FS-PORTAL (“accordion") –allows to have maximum open aperture up to 6.5 meters;


- HS-PORTAL – is perfectly matched for glazing overall apertures of verandas and terraces.


- For safe and convenient passage of wheeled vehicles we use low aluminum doorstep!