Mullion-transom system

Mullion-transom system:



  -  - Stained wood and aluminum windows are very popular nowadays. The translucent structures are becoming more popular in the design of modern interiors of different types, and the company STOLLER offers a wide range of models.

  -  - Facade systems STOLLER - is a product of subtle wood, which can be a wonderful architectural element. With natural, durable and abrasion-resisting material, you can not only fulfil all your plans, but also create a special atmosphere, comfortable microclimate inside the building.

  -  - Stained wood and aluminum windows – is the structure, consisting of pillars and beams, which are installed with metal profiles on it, enhancing product, giving it greater strength and durability. You can choose design variant according to your preferences!


Spheres of mullion-transom system use:

winter gardens.


curtain wall systems.





Components of mullion-transom system:




 Mullion-transom system specifications:

   - The depth of the pillar is calculated individually according to the structural load from 100 to 300 mm in increments of 20 mm.
   - The based width of pillars and beams is 50 mm. To increase the structural ability it is possible to produce pillars and beams with the width 56, 76 and 96 mm.
   - Installation of double glass with thickness of 12 to 64 mm is possible
   - Maximum construction dimensions are limited only by the requirements of the permanent and wind loads
   - Ability to manufacture pitched roofs with an angle of inclination to 2 °.


Possible designs of mullion-transom system:


With aluminum trimmers   Structural glazing


Variants of pillar modifications:


Variants of decorative aluminum covers:




Benefits of STOLLER facade system:

Комфорт и уют.

   - Wooden pillar creates a cozy and elegant design inside the building and decorative aluminum cover protects the facade construction from aggressive environmental influences.


Your whishes.

   - You can choose from six species of wood materials, painted with transparent coating (visible wood structure) and the scale of RAL - 6 kinds of aluminum decorative cover of all colors RAL.


Infinite possibilities.

   - The facade system is combined with all types of windows (wood with aluminum trimmers, wood-aluminum windows, sliding windows).


Maximal glazing area.

   - - With the help of facade systems STOLLER it’s possible to glaze large areas saving maximal transparent area.