Alexander Barkov

Alexander ordered Stoller windows for his restaurant. Windows and windowsills had matching colors, which was very important for interior design. Everything was made very quickly and the price was quite reasonable.

Vladimir Matyashov

He is an architect and uses Stoller windows in his projects. 

“Modern times require prompt decisions and a smart economic approach. But at the same time, people today understand the importance of eco-friendly and sustainable materials and value all the benefits they provide to their homes”.

Evgeniy Bakurskiy

Evgeniy is a real estate developer of the “Seven Winds” residential complex. 

“I think that the quality of these windows is very high. They don’t have typical problems that we usually face with plastic windows – they don’t leak or freeze, and they have a very nice custom look. In the future, we would like to use this kind of windows for residential complexes above economy class.

Alexander Malashkin

Stoller windows were installed in Bamberg restaurant and brewery, which is owned by Alexander. 

“We need to do something respectable and really beautiful, so that it resembles German style. Because Bamberg is Germany itself”.

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